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Dementia Care Education

Dementia Care Education

Our Dementia Care Education offers courses and information for caregivers and care teams on how to understand people living with dementia. Caring for people living with dementia is more than just understanding dementia, and the focus on understanding the person as a person is often overlooked.  We offer courses that truly focus on person-centred care and normalizing the experience of dementia.

Grier Dementia Care courses 
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Consulting for Care Teams

Grier Dementia Training works with care teams to focus on strategies and tools to enhance person-centred dementia care.  


Our customized approach includes: 

  • On-site consultations with care staff, facility staff, family or other interested persons

  • Observation and interaction with the resident(s)

  • Hands-on demonstration of easily implemented care strategies

  • Enhancement and integration with previous training, such as Gentle Persuasive Approaches or P.I.E.C.E.S

We can also update/create or review your dementia care policies and make them living documents with clear steps and language.”



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and Design Consulting

Grier Dementia Training works with clients across all sectors, including design, construction, financial services and retail, to support dementia-friendly spaces and services. We work with builders, designers, planners and accessibility contractors to transform homes and businesses into dementia-friendly spaces. We also work with customer care teams to support exceptional service for people living with dementia.

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and Tradeshows 

Add value to your next conference or tradeshow with the Virtual Dementia Tour®.


On the tradeshow floor or in a breakout room, Grier Dementia Training can train hundreds of attendees in a single day.


Ideal for home care, long term care, medical, first responders, hospitality, tourism, retail and financial services events.  


Professional Development

and Team Building 

Enhance your professional development or team building event with the Virtual Dementia Tour®. Our facilitated training experience fosters empathy, and provides a platform for discussing diversity, inclusion, accessibility and customer service. Ideal for HR managers, front-line service providers and customer care teams working to support dementia-friendly businesses and communities.

Team Building


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